Visual Thinking Seminar

It’s hard to be a working person in this day and age. I get it, I’ve been there. 

We toil away on our computers, managing our tasks and trying to get work done between meetings. But when problems arise that require higher-order thinking, our tools often lack the ability to help us make creative leaps or untangle complex issues. 

And understanding each other can be a big challenge. Although talking is often not the most effective way to communicate, ‘talking meetings’ are the default. So we suffer through pointless meetings and conversations and too often leave with wildly different ideas about next steps. 

Drawing and visualizing ideas can help. Over many years of collaborating with diverse teams, I’ve seen how using visuals in meetings, conversations, and solo work has helped my teams work more effectively and have a lot more fun.

Research also shows us how drawing benefits the mind and supports problem-solving and communication. Amazing! I love working this way, and, now I’d like to bring the benefits of drawing to your team. 

Seminar format

This hands-on visual thinking seminar walks your team through a series of exercises intended to build drawing confidence and demonstrate how visual thinking improves problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills. 

We’ll go over the basics of drawing for meaning (not artistry!), practice different types of diagrams (the superheroes of visual communication, in my opinion), and develop the skills needed to draw together as a form of listening and collaboration. 

Who’s this for?

This session is for people who ever have to plan things, solve problems, work or communicate with others, attend or organize meetings, and work on computers. 

No prior experience is needed, and this session is equally helpful for drawing novices and experts – everyone will have something to learn. 

You’ll walk away with:

  • An understanding of why and when to draw, and how drawing helps you think better – based on the research gathered by Cara Bean in her awesome illustrated comic, Why Draw?
  • Basic drawing and visual communication skills
  • Ideas and inspiration for how you can use drawing in your daily life and work – including drawing for yourself, and drawing with others 
  • An understanding of different types of diagrams, and when to use them (did I mention I love diagrams?)
  • Improved confidence in your ability to put pen to paper 
  • Ideas for how to find focus and creativity in your days 
  • New energy to tackle the big problems in front of you 
  • A little sketchbook that you can personalize 
  • A sense that you just had more fun than you should 

“Katie is truly amazing and knowledgeable in these subjects. She presented information succinctly and effectively while promoting a sense of calm relaxation for learning. Anyone could benefit from her course.”

– Attendee

What’s this seminar really like?

Check out these articles: ‘A safe space to draw’ and ‘Draw your problem.’ They’ll give you an idea of how I work and what this will feel like. 

Interested in bringing this seminar to your organization? Contact me!