About me

I am a User Experience Designer focused on healthcare.

Walking Gallery jacket painting by Regina Holliday

I love to help simplify the complex, work on big problems, and collaborate with tightly-knit teams. I use design, visualization, and empathy to empower patients and improve the healthcare experience.

I have played key roles in diverse design projects that included a mobile application to encourage walking, a crime visualization tool, a responsive website for medical professionals, the redesign of a large call center support website, a mobile application to help IT administrators manage their enterprise virtual machine infrastructure, and a major customer support system redesign.


My goal is to work on products or services that help people live better, healthier and happier lives; I am especially interested in working at the intersection of healthcare and data visualization to help promote behavior change and better understanding of complex health data. I advocate for close collaboration with patients during the design process.

How I work

I love to sketch, brainstorm, talk to and learn from actual users, solve difficult problems, manage project details, and work closely with my team. I use visualization to model ecosystems, communicate research findings, and better understand complex relationships.

People tell me I’m the ‘glue’ that keeps a project together. You might say I’m an Interaction Designer with a project management bent.

In my spare time…

When I’m not working you can find me telemark & nordic skiing, hiking, running, playing ultimate frisbee, attending farmer’s markets, finding cute dogs to pet, and watching true crime television.

Contact me

kathryn.mccurdy at gmail dot com

 Attributions: sketching hand photo by Annie Fang, Painting is a Walking Gallery jacket created by the artist Regina Holliday