I am a User Experience (UX) Designer, Researcher, Strategist, and creative problem-solver. I focus my work on healthcare. I’m currently working on starting Pictal Health, a company that helps people tell their health stories visually.

My mission: to help patients tell their stories and help providers focus on the work they love through thoughtful UX design & research and close collaboration with fun, talented people.

I have led projects and teams that have worked together to design mobile and web products intended for use by a variety of healthcare stakeholders (patients, nurses, doctors, staff); I have also worked to create better service experiences for patients and families who are ‘using’ the healthcare system.

How I work

I love to collaboratively sketch, brainstorm, talk to and co-create with users, facilitate conversations, solve difficult problems, manage project details, and work closely with my team.

I love design research: the looking, listening and learning…

…and finding order in chaos.

I use visualization to model ecosystems, communicate research findings, and better understand complex relationships.

I’ve seen the best work happen when we co-create – with patients, doctors, “users,” and each other.

People tell me I’m the glue that keeps a project together. Collaboration and communication come naturally to me.

You might say I’m a designer with a project management bent. Did I mention I love working with teams?

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My secret powers

As a longtime patient and patient advocate, I have a deep understanding of the problems patients face, and through my personal experiences and past research & design projects, I have developed a strong sense of the obstacles providers are facing. I have dabbled in personal communication tools that illustrate my symptoms for my providers, and I am passionately interested in finding other ways of improving patient-provider communication.

I created a ‘designer’s oath’ as part of a collaborative ‘code of ethics’ written by a number of healthcare designers:


I’m a connector of people and ideas. I believe in the power of personal relationships and cross-pollination of ideas to enrich our communities, ideas, and well-being. I maintain close connections with forward-thinking patients and providers all around the country, and I co-organize a meet-up group dedicated to healthcare innovation in Burlington, VT that has grown to over 600 people.

I write to understand

Writing helps me untangle my thoughts about design, healthcare, and my own health. Lately, I post to Medium. More on my writing here.

In my spare time…


When I’m not working you can find me hiking, telemark & nordic skiing, admiring my rock collection, watercolor painting, attending farmer’s markets, finding cute dogs to pet, watching true crime television, eating chocolate, and wearing costumes.