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Challenge: to design an interface or system that encourages users to walk.

Methods: contextual inquirypersonas & scenarioslow-fidelity prototype and testinghigh-fidelity prototype and testing

My Role: All team members participated in each phase of the project; I served as project manager and led our team through each project milestone.

Summary: Our research revealed that users walk to feel healthy, refreshed and less stressed, so we designed a mobile application that associates increased walking with better health. We used a combination of theory, design, and observation to influence people to increase the time they spend walking, linking their effort to the health of a visually appealing robot avatar (based on the Google Android logo) that we named mibo. The users we tested found the mibo character endearing, and multiple users stated they hoped we would develop the application.

CHI 2010 conference: we participated in the semi-finals of the CHI student design competition in Atlanta in April 2010. Our paper was published in the conference proceedings: Gupta, M., McCurdy, K., Potvin, H., Song, E., Zhang, X. mibo: A Mobile Application to Encourage Walking. Extended abstracts of CHI 20010 (student design competition), Atlanta, GA, April 2010.

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